Frequently Asked Questions

Does Umrah tech issue invoices upon payment?

Umrah tech does not send any invoices, because the confirmation we send if a proof of the payment made.

Where can I check my booking details and status?

You can always view your booking details and status online by signing in and selecting "My bookings history" from the account menu.

When do I get a confirmation email?

You will receive the confirmation email along with the booking voucher (PDF file) within 30 minutes of booking. If you still haven't received it after that time, please check your junk mail and/or spam filters. You can also download or resend your booking voucher online.

How much are the fees and taxes?

All the taxes and fees Umrah tech charge are put on display. So, we do not charge any additional or hidden fees. Our rates only include the booking service.

My credit card is accurate, yet, my card is rejected.

We only accept credit cards from specific banks. Check the information section to see the accepted credit cards.

Is my credit card safe in your hands?

We are totally aware of how much personal are the credit card data. All information related to such a matter will not be revealed to any third party.

Do you offer any kinds of discounts?

Discounts are available if you book your reservation using our services.

How can I benefit from the discount?

You can get the discounted rate by using the voucher you got during the booking procedure.

What terms or conditions apply to a voucher?

It should not be expired.
It can only be used once.
Multiple vouchers cannot be used for the same offer.

What can be done in case I lost my voucher?

Our team can help in case a voucher is lost.

What do we mean by provider/suppliers?

The services and products displayed in our platform which includes the Hotels, the transfer companies and the ground services companies they all have different providers, All the providers are approved by the ministry of hajj and Umrah.

What is a transfer provider?

Companies specialized in providing transportation services to the pilgrims including buses companies’ cars companies, all these companies fall under the membership with Naqaba which is “The General companies of Cars”

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